Tattva Ubud

About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first leading wellness development program in Bali that prioritizes local practitioners because they are born in Bali, they have been blessing and carry taksu and karma as Balinese who will always maintain their ancestral culture. We believe that by giving them opportunity to develop their knowledge, we can contribute to advancing the world of tourism so that Bali can become one of the best retreat destinations in the world.

Our Mission

We are empowerment Bali young generations to get them ready to be high-skilled in wellness field including yoga teacher, healer and traditional workshop practitioner. Global competency skill are necessary for young people and we prepare them to face the future that appropriately addresses global challenges. We also always strives to keep Balinese culture intact with daily life and keep Bali to be known as a place where friendly people with high manners are, according to the ancestral teachings.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We work closely with Ashram Gandhi who provides scholarships to under privileged student, to be able to continue their education to a higher level for a better future. Tattva Ubud is giving field training program to these students, to hone their skills in hospitality, shaping them to be ready specially to understand wellness and retreat Industry. They are prepared to be broad-minded, yet humble.