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A Harmony Ball , also known as chimes ball or Bali dream ball, typically is made from sterling silver and has a covered small ball that produces a gentle sound. They are fully hand-made by the passionate professional jewelers and craftsmen in Bali, one of the most well-known places these balls are made in with such a great quality and made with soul. We believe that jewelry is not only for accessory, but also a tool to connect with the owner’s soul, represent their characters, as well as a good luck charm.

Harmony Ball comes in various sizes, however the typical size of a sterling silver Harmony Ball pendant is about 18-27 mm diameter.

Nowadays, the Harmony Ball pendant becomes a very popular fashion jewelry, the choice of colors allow you to match it with your outfit – red, blue, gold or silver color, black, white and even brown look stunning inside the sterling silver cage.

In some countries, Harmony Ball is generally worn with a very long necklace chains or cords, hence they are commonly called a Harmony Ball necklace, rests on the swollen abdomen of the pregnant woman. It is said from about 16-20 weeks into the pregnancy the unborn baby will hear the gentle chimes sound coming from it. The gentle chiming sound is said to soothe the unborn baby and can even have calming benefits for the mother to be.


For thousands of years, men of influence have been donning a wearable form of identification and communication known as the signet ring. The traditional way to wear a signet ring it to wear it on the little finger of the non-dominant hand but, as with all men’s fashion rules, they are made to be broken. By approaching the signet ring with a contemporary stance, you can wear you ring on any finger you like depending on the mood, what feels comfortable and the occasion.

Today, it’s simply an attractive accessory that any man can wear.

A signet rings tells a story about the wearer. It is an expression of the self: a personal work of art. And like other works of art, signet rings come in a range of styles

In modern day a Signet rings are excellent indications of status and wealth. However, they can be worn with casual or formal outfits. The ring has five unique designs from which you can choose to depict your specific tastes.

Tattva Jewelry offer a special design that related to the soul and spiritual connection. Chakra symbol, mandala art or your initial name as well as the birth stone can be as your choices.