Tattva Ubud

Adventure Retreat

This program is for those who are less interested in sitting around in a cozy retreat centre and are more interested in discussing their experiences while speeding through the forest in a harness or hiking difficult trails. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the physical requirements of this program, participants must be really fit. Please review our eligibility requirements before applying.

Whether it is relaxation, pampering, or more rigorous physical activity you seek, we offer many choices and fully flexible program starting dates as well as many options for healthy food, lessons, tours, adventures, massages, or other wellness programs.

Bali Adventure
2 nights accommodation at Ubud Raya Riverside. Daily morning power yoga, Batur mountain hiking, Batur...


Other Retreat

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Yoga Retreat
During this course you will discover an in-depth knowledge and understanding that yoga is not only a...
Day Retreat
The first step to accommodate new habit of something better for our body and mind is to incorporate it...
Spiritual Cultural Retreat
Reconnecting with your soul in a retreat. What does that mean? It is where we will lead you to get used...