Tattva Ubud

Spiritual Cultural Retreat

Reconnecting with your soul in a retreat. What does that mean? It is where we will lead you to get used to do instrospection, be as honest as possible with yourself, to be grounded in yourself, healthy living, all based on Balinese philosophy of life and vertical relationship with the True Source. Above all, it is for personal growth and betterment of life.

What you would experience?

Balinese healing and purification, chakra balancing, aura cleansing, sound healing with a traditional Balinese healer. Using the Balinese art of prana (similar to reiki), the healer will open and align your chakras to balance and harmonize your wellbeing. Cleanse, heal and let go of anything not serving you and feel lighter and clearer in body, mind and spirit. Be less resistant.

Spend time simply settling in. Visiting special temples for meditation and do something that helps you quiet your body and mind, and ease into the present moment – take a walk or sit in stillness while doing deep breathing exercises. Allow yourself to become aware of the Divine’s presence. This takes practice and it starts soon.

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