Tattva Ubud

Wellness Retreat

Imagine the kind of holiday where you can focus on your health goals, for you and only you. Joining a wellness retreat might do you good.

Slow down from life, step back from the busyness of day-to-day life, relaxing and unwinding in solitude. Taking time consciously to listen and feel to what our body is telling us is important, yet we ignore it sometimes. We all need this, to find ourselves back from constant demands of our busy schedule. We all deserve to have some quiet moments, and quiet mind, in a quiet environment, to be able to listen.

So, which wellness retreats and what can you expect?

It varies, really! Spa retreat, handful of massages sessions, is one. Short meditation retreat is two. Horse-led retreat (energies exchanging between human and horses), yoga and hiking retreat, and loads more, depends on what fits you and what you would like to focus on. We just have to be creative and listen to what our body and mind needs.

You can keep your daily routine and instill this new habit you take from the retreat, as part of your new routine. Be inspired and ready to spread the good energy around. Because it will always go back to you…


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